“New” Sub-Antarctic Islands get high resolution treatment

Some people have a predilection for hunting down planes or flying cars in Google Earth. My weakness is for sub-Antarctic islands. The dataset update from October 3 was particularly rewarding in that regard. High resolution imagery is now available for Heard Island, Possession Island (the French one), a sliver of Marion Island, Gough Island, and my favorite, Disappointment Island, site of a great shipwreck story. I’ve collected them all in a handy KMZ file so you can take a tour at your convenience. Here is a teaser:


3 thoughts on ““New” Sub-Antarctic Islands get high resolution treatment”

  1. It is cool that such remote places can now been seen in high res from the comfort of our computer screens.

    Does anyone know if any areas on Antarctica proper are in high-res. I’ve been searching, but haven’t found any. I’d like to see some places like Scott Base, etc.

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