Short news: Panoramio, X Prize, GPSTagr

  • Photo mapping site gets an update: Not just a new, more functional design, but also hosting help from Google, writes Eduardo Manchon. As a result, “the speed has improved quite much, specially when browsing the map or watching the photos in Panoramio’s KML, they download much faster.”
  • Google Earth Blog’s Frank Taylor has been working hard on bringing X Prize Cup-related events to Google Earth, and now Google has put up a special page that showcases the different ways to explore space flight in Google Earth.
  • Red Hen Systems produces GPS devices for Nikon DSLRs. (Though if these things work on the D200, as the press release says, they might want to update their website.) Now they’ve come out with IsWhere, a PC application for quickly showing in Google Earth where an image was taken, if the info is in the EXIF headers. The website says its a free download, the press release says it retails for $30, and if you run it, the app tells you you need to use at least one photo geotagged by a Red Hen GPS device. Why not make it free and attract lots of visitors to the site? IsWhere isUseful but not exactly groundbreaking or unique. (Via this press release on Directions Media)
  • GPSTagr lets you georeference existing Flickr photos by uploading a GPX file. Clever. (Via GPS Tracklog)
  • What Japan Thinks lists the most popular outbound links on Goo, a popular Japanese blog hosting tool. Google Earth Japan tops it.