Google Earth, Indian farmhand

DNA India has a good article fleshing out the episode of how Indian farmer activists are using Google Earth to get their money’s worth for lands being acquired by the government for “special economic zones”. While the government says the lands are infertile, the farmers say otherwise, and use Google Earth’s imagery as evidence. There also seem to be plans for a Google Earth Unplugged:

Shivkar has decided to make use of Google Earth for a larger cause. He says that Google Earth pictures showing the condition of canals, rivers and coastline in different villages will be displayed as big banners in respective villages so that people would know what environmental changes would take place in the future.

But the article ends a bit alarmingly:

Shivkar is also planning to make use of Google Earth’s pay service facility which provides the latest picture of the specific area.

Don’t do it, Shivkar! The imagery is the same, regardless of the version.