Tracklog to timeline with KML’s <TimeStamp>

I wanted to try the new timeline functionality in Google Earth, so fortunately I had a tracklog lying around of a SAS flight I took between Brussels and Stockholm recently:


I massaged the data into KML (using grep in BBEdit), borrowing graphics from the whale shark example, to produce this KMZ file [Update: Fixed!]:


It’s a rudimentary first step, but it does work, as long as you’re not using the Mac version of the beta:-) (where a bug prevents time-tagged placemarks from showing up as intended.)

5 thoughts on “Tracklog to timeline with KML’s <TimeStamp>”

  1. GPSBabel 1.3.1 (as well as any GPS supported by Google in the Plus, Pro, and Enterprise version) should build these tags for you automatically on download.

    Obviously, if you’ve already extracted the tracklog from the receiver, the Time tags won’t magically appear, but for future transfers, it may save you some pain.

  2. very interesting, I have fun to follow your trail using the G-Force mod.

    this application could be very useful for the control of airline nuisances, if we have the tracklog of every commercial flights and if you want to buy a house you could easily guess what are your future nuisances…

    but in the same time it could be frightening, imagine terrorists who want to launch a missile against a commercial airline. with a tracklog like this it could be easy.

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