Quick bugfix: Google Earth 4.0.209x beta now available

Those early bug reports about external controllers in the PC version and the broken time functionality in the Mac version? Fixed! You can now download version 4.0.2091 beta for PC and version 4.0.2093 beta for the Mac. (Sorry, can’t verify Linux.) Here’s the delta report:

  • External controller now has a disable and is off by default
  • Problem with Mac time animation fixed
  • A few Mac Japanese translations restored
  • Linux version now updated
  • Faster network performance for non-US users

So, at your leisure, go get an updated copy.

3 thoughts on “Quick bugfix: Google Earth 4.0.209x beta now available”

  1. Sorry, can’t verify Linux.

    Well, I can. And I confirm the Linux GE download is now 4.0.2091. (it wasn’t yesterday)

  2. Man! They just can’t get it right for Intel Macs!

    The last version caused constant kernel panics. This version causes kernel panics and crashes constantly.

    I’m still using v.3 under Rosetta, it’s the only stable version out there. Do they even test this stuff?

    This is on a MacBook Pro 1.83 w/ 1.5G RAM. Should be plenty fast enough.

    Activity monitor shows CPU spikes of over 100% during normal use of the software, with nothing else running.

  3. Josh, I have an Intel Mac, and have also had crashes, but the solution for me is to trash everything — cache, preferences, application support folder… Start with a clean slate. Then it’s stable for me.

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