Short news: WSJ; AutoDesk Labs; OS X 10.5 GIS-savvy?

I’m not done yet catching up with the backblog that’s built up while I took a quick holiday, but here is a first stab at interesting remaindered links:

  • The Wall Street Journal looks at some of SketchUp’s competitors in the DIY architectural modelling space: Software lets you unlock your inner architect. Some of the cautionary tales about letting the client run rampant with these tools are quite funny… if you’re not the contractor.
  • More comparative screenshots from GéoPortail and Google Maps. Includes examples of censorship in Géoportail.
  • AutoDesk Labs released KML exporters for AutoCAD 2007-based products (last week, on June 28. I’m playing catch-up, clearly). Here is a screencast showing how it works — the functionality is similar to how SketchUp integrates with Google Earth.
  • It looks like Mac OS X 10.5, AKA Leopard, may boast some deep integration with mapping and GPS, according to AppleInsider, a rumor blog that can be accurate.

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