Ogle Earth turns one

From nil to The New Yorker in 365 days, Ogle Earth first saw the light of day exactly one year ago with this post, where I explained the aims of this blog:

This microblog is going to serve as a record of my explorations using the holy grail of atlases, Google Earth. Ogle Earth will contain links to tutorials, links to interesting new layers and markers, and my own contributions as well. I will also be musing on new uses Google Earth might be put to, and chronicle innovative contributions as they happen. In other words, this blog exists to disseminate what I learn about and with Google Earth.

Eight hundred and twelve posts later, that turned out to be pretty accurate, save for the “micro” part. It’s been a great ride, to a large extent because of the many creative people I’ve gotten to know along the way. Let’s see what the coming year brings. [Note: this is the annual pat-on-my-own-back post. You’ll be spared another until mid-2007.]

5 thoughts on “Ogle Earth turns one”

  1. congrats Stefan! That’s a lot of good content and commentary in just a years time. keep up the good work!



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