Short news: Wikimapia; Geoweb 2006 writeup

  • NetNewsAsia reckons Wikimapia is being used as a “global toilet wall and killer’s confessional.” How does Google Earth Community avoid such a fate? By having user accounts, for one. Meanwhile, Wikipedia makes sure every addition or alteration is peer-reviewed soon after it is made. In Wikimapia, each item has a link for reporting it as inappropriate. Will that be enough? What if the morbidly tagged locations were in fact accurate?
  • Stefan Lorimer at Graphics, Culture, and Bad Grammar posts his notes on Google Earth CTO Michael Jones’s talk at GeoWeb 2006.

3 thoughts on “Short news: Wikimapia; Geoweb 2006 writeup”

  1. But this does beg the question for how the GE community as well can manage quality and sheer volume of content from here on out. What is this going to look like in 5 years?

    Even with registration, it doesn’t seem to me that there is too much they could do either if the GEC were discovered by pranksters, psychos, or maybe worse, boring neophytes (marking “My House”, “My School”).

    Will this last category of junk be regulated also? It’s not lewd or innappropriate… or is that sort of thing dealt with in the GEC status quo?

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