gets a network link

I often use to find the precise location of obscure places in Google Earth, doing a search and then linking back from the results to Google Earth or Tagzania. If you know the approximate location, however, you can now do much better: A recently introduced Geonames network link will show you everything in its database for your particular view. It’s the perfect triangulation/confirmation tool for the information available in Google Earth’s Google Earth Community layers.

In other words, this network link is a keeper, especially if you need to find that out-of-the-way wadi or minor mountain peak.

6 thoughts on “ gets a network link”

  1. Using the network link, I systematically get the “URL returned error: 500” error. Is this happening to everyone else?

  2. Could you please link the main network link and not the system area? WE may make changes to the system area that will not show up to your users.

    Such as the ability to add/edit features.


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