Shorts: RSS2GeoRSS2KML, GeoWeb 2006

  • As noted in Ogle Earth’s comments already, place directory now boasts an RSS to GeoRSS converter that automatically geocodes place names. Even cooler, for our sake, is the RSS to KML converter, which ouputs the geo-enhanced version directly to Google Earth. I tried it on some of my feeds, and it really works.
  • Business 2.0, and hence mainstream media, catches on to Google’s metaverse plans. (Via Serious Games)
  • Juice Analytics checks under the hood of Google Earth and discovers an easy way to modify the user interface, so that you can, for example, float component windows. I’ve just tried this for the Mac version, and it works as well. For the Mac, right-click on the Google Earth application (when it is not running), select “Show package contents”, then navigate on over to:


    Open it in a text editor and apply Juice Analytics’ hack.

  • BrandToBeDetermined toys with the idea of using SketchUp to provide a third dimension to a pie chart. Very neat.
  • GeoWeb 2006 takes place in Vancouver on July 24-28. The program has Google’s KML data engineer Michael Ashbridge presenting a 3-hour session on “Google Earth and KML” on July 24, while Google Earth CTO Michael Jones is keynote speaker on July 28.
  • GPS Watch, a Java app for mobile phones, supports KML export. Are there any GPS devices left that don’t?