Shorts: ArcIMS to KML, Pubmed to GeoRSS and KML

  • Andrew Hallam at Digital Earth Weblog releases a new version of KML Adapter as open source. KML Adapter is a Java servlet that you put on a server somewhere, and which translates requests from Google Earth network links into a request for an ArcIMS server. This way, if you run an ArcIMS server, you can let Google Earth users get at the data. (Note that ArcIMS servers indexed on Mapdex are automatically made accessible to Google Earth.)
  • Make: has images of a 3D printout of Columbus Circle in NYC, made from Google Earth’s buildings layer, using Eyebeam’s OpenGLExtractor.
  • Pierre at Yakofon has already found a use for the RSS to GeoRSS converter. He notes that PubMed queries can be saved as RSS feeds, and so makes a georeferenced feed about bird flu. Of course, it works in Google Earth as well.