Short news: GIS linklist, SPARQL geo extension, RISE-PAK

Little news and great spring weather in Sweden led to a slight lull in the pace of posting around here…

  • Very Spatial has assembled a very long linklist to GIS software.
  • has a well-written article on crater chains that follows up on the discovery of craters using Google Earth a month or two ago.
  • NASA World Wind is up to 1.3.5, geo extensions for SPARQL, a query language for RDF. He’s also written up an XSLT stylesheet that converts these results into KML. Leigh explains: “That allows you to ask questions such as “find points 10 kms from this location” and “test whether a point is within a bounding box”.

    This would be an excellent tool for newsreaders to adapt to generating proximity alerts from GeoRSS feeds.

  • Kathryn Cramer writes that RISE-PAK, the rapid-response effort after the Pakistan Quake to which Global Connections contributed satellite data via Google Earth, has won the Stockholm Challenge 2006 award.
  • Converjed notes another entry in the race for the enhanced displays we’ll be using a few years from now: Iowa State’s C6.