It’s a big metaverse. Somebody has to furnish it.

vilabysu.jpgAwesome. Over on Form Fonts 3D, 97 pieces of IKEA furniture ready to download, which you can then use to furnish your SketchUp dreamhouse (or student hell-hole). They’re yours to use if you pay the $11/month subscription fee.

vilabyik.jpgYou’ve probably guessed where I’m going with this: IKEA should hire these designers to make a SketchUp version of every item in its catalogue, and have it available for download, free, from its online store. That way furnishing your house doesn’t become a guessing game with measuring tape. You simply fire up the SketchUp model (which you’re prepared earlier:-) and move furniture around at will until you like how it looks/fits. Perhaps a SketchUp plugin could keep financial tabs on your IKEA habit, and offer to place the order when you’re done.

But even if you’re not in the market for furniture, and just want something to populate your architectural flights of fancy, free virtual IKEA furniture would lead to plenty of placement ads at no cost to it, and even more mindshare. No Massive required.