Google testing adwords in Earth (again)


The Radioactive Yak has discovered adwords in Google Earth again today, when searching for Wimbledon. Google was last seen testing adwords in Google Earth in mid-January.

I too could get ads for Wimbledon, and Wimbledon South, but not for any other search term I tried in Europe. The service it links to,, is relevant in that it offers credit reports by UK post code. (Via Search Engine Journal)

5 thoughts on “Google testing adwords in Earth (again)”

  1. Stefan, I don’t believe Google stopped showing ads in search terms on Google Earth since the beginning of the year. I’ve seen them many times.

  2. Try this…

    Search for “London, England”. After you fly there, erase and search for “Coffee”. Click on a placemark. You should see ads. All the ads are based on business-type searches based on location.

  3. Oh, and it only works in countries where there are localized versions of Google Maps (e.g. Italy, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Canada, and the US).

  4. Have you noticed how ITV and bbc news are now using google maps more and more on their broadcasts? Imagine if someones ad got thu and was shown on the telly.

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