Google Maps in Flickr: Now as a Firefox extension

buttonb.pngFlickr geotagging tools for Firefox come and go as the Google Maps API gets updated. The one that seems to have gained most in popularity since last I checked in is .CK’s Google Maps in Flickr, GMiF — now onto version 4.0, which incorporates the Google Maps API 2.0.


What I like especially about this most recent update is that it exists as a plain-vanilla Firefox extension — there is no more need to have the Greasemonkey script engine installed, and updating is much simpler. Once you’ve installed it, why not try it out on this picture? (Like with previous versions of GMiF, you can use it to fly to Google Earth from within Flickr.)

3 thoughts on “Google Maps in Flickr: Now as a Firefox extension”

  1. Hrm, is there something particularly undesirable about needing to install Greasemonkey? I can understand the annoyance if this is the only script you use, but there’s a whole array (about 2,500) of scripts available. I can definitely see the advantage of easier updating. I hope to have time to work on Greasemonkey again, so feedback is certainly welcome.

  2. I think Greasemonkey is really great, but collecting Greasemonkey scripts is a bit of a hacker pursuit, I think. I can put my parents on Firefox, and I can explain extensions to them, but Greasemonkey scripts would be one step to far…

  3. GMiF is a great tool, but I’d be happier if the extension didn’t load and run a remote files with chrome permissions.

    Or if it could be rewritten to use the Google Maps API like the stand alone version on the web-site does, rather than a local ( copy.

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