Top 10 KMZ files, according to Google

On August 10, 2005, Ogle Earth was tipped off that you can Google KML and KMZ files by filetype. There were 6,500 KMZ files then, Google estimated. And now, 7 month later?

59,400. Interesting to see which the top ones are:

  1. Olympic venues, Google
  2. Flying car, The Register
  3. World’s top 500 hotels, Travel & Leisure
  4. First post, Gombe Chimp blog, Jane Goodall Institute
  5. Antarctica, PolarView
  6. Herzog & De Meuron offices, Pointingit architecture blog
  7. Schroeder the whale shark,
  8. Yellowstone Park overlay, Spatialdatalogic
  9. Ants, Antweb
  10. Jesus face,