Short takes: Architecture, X-Plane, old USGS maps

  • Architects, on the whole, are a spatially aware bunch, so it’s not surprising that Domus, an Italian architectural magazine, will be enhancing each issue with placemarks relevant to its articles, starting with the current issue.

    Even cooler would be if each issue came with 3D models of the structures it covers, placed in context in Google Earth. I’d even consider subscribing… (Come to think of it, that’s an excellent idea for an online magazine, and it doesn’t appear to have been done before, from a cursory search.) (via Things Magazine)

  • Mika Niemik wanted to monitor his X-Plane flight Simulator flights in Google Earth so he wrote a C application that takes the position data from X-Plane and turns it to a KML file. He then pointed a network link at it. “I don’t know if anyone’s done this already,” writes Mika. Not quite: Juergen Haible wrote something similar for Microsoft Flight simulator.
  • A Comment in the previous post by Matt Fox led to his site containing a network link to detailed historical USGS maps going all the way back to the 1890s, mainly of California. Matt writes, “So far have over 500 maps online and adding more all the time. The topographic maps cover mainly Calfornia and Nevada right now, but I will be adding other states in the near future.”

    It’s a slick presentation of some great data, and it comes with excellent screenshots. Matt is responsible for the aeronautical sectional charts that links to.