Press review: Stars and Stripes, InformationWeek…

  • Stars and Stripes reports on a suspect peace symbol discovered on Google Earth’s image of the grounds of the US naval station in Rota, Spain. Nobody fesses up to the deed, and the symbol isn’t there anymore, but notes the magazine, Rota was part of the peacekeeping effort in Liberia and the humanitarian aid to Pakistan after last year’s earthquake.
  • Information Week’s article Google Earth Catches On In The Business World is just the kind of article about buzz that creates more buzz. Nothing really new — it was precipitated by last week’s spurt of Google Earth news — but it’s good to see the press taking note of grassroots momentum.
  • The most recent issue of the newsletter of the Center for the Study of Architecture/Archaeology has an article entitled Google Earth and Some Practical Applications for the Field of Archaeology. It’s more of an introductory piece, highlighting what uses of Google Earth might be most useful to archaeologists.
  • Have you tried figuring out how old the imagery of your house in Google Earth was by looking at the smallest details? You were performing historical analysis, says the Journal of the Association for History and Computing. (This link and the previous one via Swedish science blogger Gustav Holmberg.)
  • (Not quite media, but still: Yet another GPS sports tracker supports Google Earth: