Google Mars coming to Earth client

From the Google Mars FAQ:

4. Can I see the Mars data using the Google Earth client?

Not yet, but we’re working on it. To whet your appetite, you can check out this 3-D fly-through movie of Valles Marineris made using this data.

The old pay version of Keyhole’s Earth had a Mars layer that was very popular, judging from legacy comments, and now it’s coming back. Flying over Mars is a boyhood dream of mine. Mars + network links, Mars + 3D structures, Mars + detailed imagery from Reconnaisance… I can’t wait.

One thought on “Google Mars coming to Earth client”

  1. NASA World Wind (similar to GE, but bettter) already has Mars (not to mention the moon and venus) in full 3D with shaded elevation or visible, and has had it for a bit. There’s even a similar flythrough.

    Check out the post on it, download link at the bottom. Red color is coming soon.

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