Geoblogging with Blojsom

Just two weeks ago Ogle Earth ran into the Gombe Chimpanzee Blog, which uses Google Earth as the browser of choice for displaying its location-based entries. This week, a system that lets you do just that automatically, courtesy of Adam Burt: Geo-Blogging.

Geo-Blogging is Mac-only at the moment, and it is built on the open-source Blojsom blogging system, but even so non-Mac non-Blojsom users might want to take a look to see what’s coming.

Adam’s system involves installing a special template that produces a KML version of his blog, to which a Google Earth network link can subscribe. The entire process is a bit more convoluted than that, but he’s got copious screencasts that make it easy to grasp. Adam also has a Flickr set of screenshots.

(Separately, Adam’s application got me to take a closer look at Blojsom as a blogging tool, and I came away impressed.)

One thought on “Geoblogging with Blojsom”

  1. Blojsom is very cool, it’s platform independent using JAVA. Also ecto is just to cool for it’s own good! ecto runs on Windows as well as Mac OS X.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any Windows scripting knowledge, to write a script to pass the kml data but if any one out there douse, then go for it! :) I’d be interested to know if any one douse. I’ll also put up my kml vm template soon, with comments to any one can edit it to there harts content.

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