Friday’s short news: KML sorter, Arc2Earth FAQ, education freebies…

  • announces a KML placemark sorter! That’s one for the toolset, methinks.
  • Brian Flood posts an Arc2Earth mini FAQ. A trial version is in the works, and they are planning a standalone version too.
  • Mapz notes that academic libraries and labs can get free Google Earth Pro licences, and that Arc2Earth also has educational discounts. Details on the other side of that link.
  • A new SketchUp user gives the application a rave review.
  • Know how to use SketchUp? Here’s a job for you: “New World Communications is in the business of recruiting Sketch-Up 3-D designers to design Google Earth buildings that groups of people can “fly” to … and meet face-to-face real-time.”

    Sounds like a Second Life Google Earth Mashup in the making:-)

  • All Points Blog points to another informative article on SketchUp’s purchase by a AEC professional Randall Newton (AEC = “Architecture, engineering and construction”).