2006 Iditarod for EarthSLOT, Google Earth

Peter Prokein and Matt Nolan at the University of Fairbanks Alaska would like your help them to do a load test of their server (at least in part:-). As an incentive, they are making available to geobrowsers the route of the 2006 Iditarod dogsled race across Alaska that began a few days ago.

They also have lots of big flyover videos for you to download in the name of science, but above all this is an opportunity for us to compare and contrast the look and feel of EarthSLOT with TerraExplorer and Google Earth and NASA World Wind, because the same route is offered for all three two applications.

Peter and Matt have long developed and maintained the EarthSLOT server, using Skyline Software’s TerraExplorer as the geobrowser. This combination has some interesting strengths: EarthSLOT was previously covered here in Ogle Earth, where I noted its superior Arctic data and its ability to texture surfaces with images, something which Google Earth currently lacks. (Alas, no network links.)

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