World’s largest type size?

A few days ago, Alex posted an example of giant writing to Google Sightseeing and calculated it to be 141,732 point type. Google will tell you there are 2,835 points to a meter, and Google Earth makes measuring giant writing easy (using the built-in Measure tool), so the obvious challenge presents itself: Where is the world’s largest writing? And how big is it?

Recent candidates in the news have proved disappointing. The Register’s profanity from a few days ago is a mere 15 meters tall, or 42,525 point type.

Another promising candidate was posted to Google Earth Community recently: A bored weatherman in Northern Canada is alleged to have spent two years crafting a profanity with a bulldozer. A blurred area in Google Earth was mooted to be the spot, but data from Windows Live Local showed this up to be wishful thinking.

The largest text I could find was posted soon after Google Earth’s launch, over on Google Earth Hacks:


The writing measures an astonishing 4km across and is 940m high, good for 2,664,900 point type. It’s to be found in Texas, clearly. Is this the world record?