Press roundup

> The rooftop ad meme percolates over to Wired, whose Joanna Glasner writes up and gets this awesome quote out of it:

“I’m currently launching with no money, no real experience running a business on the internet, and no real solid business plan,” Fitz-Gerald said. “But I figure there’s a lot of blank roofs and a lot of advertising that could go on the roofs.”

The article also mentions RoofAds, which has been around for a while selling ads for aerial viewing around airports, but which has of late become aware of its expanding horizons. So to speak:-). (Via BNET)

> Forbes is down on Google, but gives Google’s mapping efforts a B+, the best score after search. (Points lost for slow monetization.) Via Inside Google, which has the Cliff’s Notes version of the article.

> Over on GISCafĂ©, Susan Smith reviews all the alternatives to Google Earth, incuding some I’d never heard of before. ViewTec‘s “Terrain View-Globe”? Leica’s “Virtual Explorer“? (Via the Institute for Analytic Journalism)