Google Earth roundup for Wednesday

> Following London’s lead, it seems Paris might be getting its own Google Earth master builder: On Google Earth Hacks, an anonymous upload of a meticulouly styled Parisian apartment building, annotated with the vaguely mysterious “We are breaking new ground with GE, data rendering not seen before. Developed own technology and programming.” [Update 2006-02-13: The company behind this is a french outfit, Trimensions.]


> Microstation, Bentley’s rather posh-looking CAD system for infrastructure design, is getting ready to come out with converters to KML. They’ve posted some examples, (the 3D Sydney Opera House (KMZ) is impressive) and are looking for beta testers. Details here.


> Google Earth wins the 2005 Engadget readers’ choice award for Best GPS device or Application. And made it look easy.