First Google Earth book out

3815824540.03.MZZZZZZZ.jpgThe first book dedicated to Google Earth is out and available for immediate delivery from Amazon: Google Earth Schnellanleitung by Artak Mushegjan. Artak runs a German Google Earth site, Unfortunately for most people, the book is in German:-)

For everybody else, there is Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth, out in July.

3 thoughts on “First Google Earth book out”

  1. Google Earth Roundup

    Macworld takes a second look at Google Earth; meanwhile, Google Earth, which was previously Tiger-only, has been quietly made available for OS X 10.3.9. And finally, the first book about Google Earth is finally out — but it’s in German….

  2. Is there going to be an edition of “Ogle Earth” in

    English? If so, who is publishing it and when is it

    likely to be released?

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