Mologogo goes Google Earth

Late last year Mologogo began offering the ability to let you use your GPS/Java phone to share your position with friends, either to their Java phone or to a Google Map. Besides being free, it apparently also just works, as this Make: review testified to.

And now they’ve gone Google Earth. First, it was a PHP script that you could run on your own server, which you could then use to power a network link. Not everybody has access to a server, so it’s good news that you can now get any public user’s 100 latest points as a KML file, via this page.

Note, however, that what you get returned is a file that opens as a static file in Google Earth. If you want to get the URL for the dynamically created file to wrap inside a network link, hack the sample link provided ÇƒÓ basically, it’s

where gravitymonkey is a public user’s name, which you can replace at will. It seems to work well, though the resulting KML is a set of waypoints, not a path; a path would definitely help in determining the waypoints’ sequence.

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