GETrackr lets you add view geotags to Flickr & Co.

Rob Roy, previously of FlickrFly and UKAutumnColour fame, has now come up with GETrackr, a dead simple way of generating geotags and views for Flickr and other geotag-savvy web apps.

At the moment, GETrackr is an adjunct of sorts to Mark Zeman’s FlickrMap geotagger — able to add the view tags (which FlickrMap can’t) but not fully integrated with the browser (which FlickrMap is). Rob writes that GETrackr’s functionality will soon be added to FlickrMap, but that GETrackr is a good stop-gap solution. Stop gap or no, this is one of the simplest and most intuitive geotaggers I’ve seen, so that alone might be enough for many. (Ogle Earth’s review of FlickrMap.)

(The installation instructions tell you to use the built-in browser, which might flummox Mac users. My Mac was able to use GETrackr without problems in FireFox externally, though.)

One thought on “GETrackr lets you add view geotags to Flickr & Co.”

  1. Stefan,

    Thanks for the article.

    Just a clarification. GETrackr and the Flashmap Geotagger are completely independent applications at the moment (only the technique used is shared). However, Mark and I have corresponded and will probably combine the best bits of each app when he gets back from holidays in a few weeks.

    Thanks for the heads-up for Mac users. The docs have now been updated.


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