CAD => Google Earth via ExtractKML

For AutoCAD users, Beau Turner has posted instructions on how to turn your work into KML files, using the ExtractKML (beta) application developed by Avatech. If you visit the Avatech website, you’ll see that the application uses Google Earth in quite a nifty way: you import placemarks to indicate a place and direction, which are then used to generate the requisite KML.

3 thoughts on “CAD => Google Earth via ExtractKML”

  1. I downloaded and installed Avatech Earth connector for AutoCAD 2005. The procedure ‘Run the add-in’ in the instructions is not very clear for me. Could Mr. Tuner provide some help by describing the procedure in a little more detail.


  2. use the NETLOAD command in AutoCAD…

    It will ask you to select a DLL – select the EarthConnector2005.dll or EarthConnector2005a.dll (it depends on which product and service pack you have – one will work, one will not).

    Then run the EXTRACTKML command.

  3. i used this softwar, my cad drawings in UTM coordinates, it locate the drawing in defferent place,

    i tried all possibilites,

    i doesnt work,

    could you advice me?

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