Makeover Redux

More commentary from around the blogosphere on the recently added Google Earth images, including some places not mentioned in the semi-official list on Google Earth Community:

Chris Dodo notes that Helsinki has new hi-res maps.

Geared up is postively ecstatic that the clouds have been lifted from Howth peninsula, Northeast of Dublin, whence that blog is authored. Interestingly, they haven’t been replaced by high-resolution images, simply images without cloud cover.

Deadly Bloody Serious isn’t completely happy with the new tiles he got in Sydney.

Patrick Strang notes that Area 51 is now natively visible, while the US government’s executive buildings around the White House and the Capitol are revealed. He has before and after pics too.

Good on Google of responding to (unfounded) criticism of selective censorship by removing those cases of censorship rather than have it be a precedent for censorship elsewhere.

One thought on “Makeover Redux”

  1. Hi there… me again! I prepared a tour of the South Col route up Everest in Google Earth tonight using their new imagery from the DB update in Flickr. Enjoy ;-) I may produce a Path of all the routes shoudl I have time, but unfortunelty the altitude data isn’t too accurate on the finer detail.

    ooh, also have a sample of the 1px per inch res imagery from the Mountain View Googleplex in my Flickr

    Shows good promise for the future…

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