Google Earth makeover

Heiko Hebig in Hamburg notes that his city has gotten a makeover and now sports high-resolution maps… Indeed, over 100 new cities have been added, and the shared layers in Google Earth have also been updated to reflect their state on August 5, according to Google Earth Community’s PenguinOpus, who posts the whole list, including resolutions.

[Update 18:14 UTC: Most of Sydney is finally in hi-res, and Google’s Mountain View campus is now visible at 1 pixel per inch.]

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  1. Google Earth updates

    Google Earth has had its first data update, which include a lot of cities with a variety of resolutions ranging from 0.7 m/pixel through 1 ft/pixel down to 6 in/pixel. Google Campus in Mountain View, California, is as detailed as 1 in/pxl.

    In additi…

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