And then there were two

There’s another blog obsessed with all things Google Earth: Google Earth Blog, written by Frank Taylor. Amazingly, it’s been flying under my radar for nearly a month (perhaps because it isn’t pinging Technorati et al?)

The more Google Earth blogs the merrier — be sure to add it to your bookmarks if you want the most complete coverage possible of Google Earth.

4 thoughts on “And then there were two”

  1. Ogle Earth Blog

    Another blog all about Google Earth is Ogle Earth. Written by Stefan Geens in Stockholm, Ogle Earth has more of a technical focus, and he is very good at picking up new things coming out for GE. Definitely worth a…

  2. Google Earth Blog

    Another new blog to bring to your attention: Frank Taylor’s solid and eponymous Google Earth Blog. Via Ogle Earth. Map blogging is coming on fast and furious; that’s the fifth new blog I’ve reported on this month, and I know…

  3. Are there any guide/climber/back country adventure types out there who are increasingly using google earth to scout trails? I need your stories and comments for an article in a national magazine. Please contact Jon kovash at

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