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Swedish news localized

This post comes better late than never, but if you speak Swedish, frisim has a KML network link for Google Earth that links local Swedish news to their respective locations.

Swedish universities as a .kml file

Over on www.StudyInSweden.se, I’ve published a .kml file (with instructions) that contains markers for all the campuses of Swedish universities.

The idea is to offer prospective students (who are often early adopters) the ability to have an immersive experience as they window-shop Swedish higher education. Don’t know where V√ßxj√∂ University is? You will now.

I grouped different campuses for each university together in a folder. Double-click on the folder, and you will be flown to a particularly photogenic view.

Because the file is a network link, every time I amend or expand it, all subscribers will have this new information available automatically.