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MaxPunkte, another GPS to KML converter

MaxPunkte Streckenflugauswertung is a German GPS tracking tool optimised for hang gliders, the most recent versions of which converts to KML as well. There certainly is no shortage of such converters these days.


Google Sightseeing is the first blog (that I know of) to do something I think will become ubiquitous: Provide a site KML file in addition to an RSS file, as a matter of course.

It makes most obvious sense for a site devoted to places as viewed via Google mapping technology, but all blogs that at least occasionaly post content involving locations should consider publishing KML feeds; they provide another way into the site — Google Earth users who subscribe to blogs’ KML feeds to surf geographically. A trivial example: One blogger might review one restaurant, another might review a competitor around the corner; GE makes the link explicit.