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Via Virtual Earth

Via Virtual Earth is a help site for MSN Virtual Earth’s API.

The site also has a blog, of course. Interestingly, according to this post, there was no API for Virtual Earth as late as May this year. Writes Dr. Neil Roodyn, the author of the site:

My first question to the (Virtual Earth) team was “What are you doing for developers?”

They said “Nothing”

“Nothing? What no API? No support for developers?”

“No, nothing.”

“Um… interesting” My brain started racing. If they don’t want to provide support for developers, then someone else should!

Roodyn concludes, with no hint as to whether his tongue is in his cheek, “I love Microsoft, they create such great opportunities for all of us!”

Do Brasil

Brazilian blogger Charles Pilger has posted some simple but nifty php hacks (and the code) that are a great example for those wanting to start coding Google Earth’s KML markup.

GotoGoogleEarth does just that, given some coordinates (and so does GotoGoogleMaps). And if you have a GoogleMaps URL, you can extract the coordinates using this script. (Via Smart Mobs)

First post

Welcome to Ogle Earth. This microblog is going to serve as a record of my explorations using the holy grail of atlases, Google Earth. Ogle Earth will contain links to tutorials, links to interesting new layers and markers, and my own contributions as well. I will also be musing on new uses Google Earth might be put to, and chronicle innovative contributions as they happen.

In other words, this blog exists to disseminate what I learn about and with Google Earth.

The design of this blog is currently the plain vanilla Movable Type look. That will change, but I’m just now more interested in getting going with entries than with tweaking CSS.

For starters, here are my initial impressions of Google Earth.

You can find Google Earth as a free download here. (The Mac version is in the works.)