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Two quick fixes

A straightforward answer to a straighforward question in Google Earth Community: How to write KML and KMZ files properly using PHP.

Is the latest version of SketchUp for Mac OS X quitting on you? You’ve got an old Google Earth plugin. Fix it here.

Free video tutorials for Google Earth neophytes

Have you talked your parents into downloading Google Earth but can’t stomach the idea of explaining over and over again which button does what and why? Briton Richard Treves comes to the rescue by posting the start of a series of 10 screencasts that step through the most basic aspects of Google Earth. The plan is to release one weekly.

Complete with sound, it’s just like watching over the shoulder of somebody very patient who repeats himself at your command. It doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Home-grown Google Earth wlan map

Three weeks ago I marvelled at the audacity of Microsoft mapping wifi access points to their coordinate positions for use with the “Locate me” feature in Virtual Earth. How time flies: Today, jkx@Home posts a do-it-yourself tutorial for creating a Google Earth wlan map. He stitches together Kismet, GPSDrive, MySQL and Python, and does it all in Linux (except for the actual viewing in Google Earth), so it’s a bit geek-infused, but wow.