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  1. I just find it odd why a Google executive purchased a drone for personal use/interest. Google is already facing so many privacy issues so a drone is the last thing any Google exec should buy.

  2. @Drew Kesler, why shouldn’t the executive purchase the drone? It sounds like a cool toy for anyone who can afford it.

    I’m just curious to know why the drone manufacturer saw fit to announce the purchase to the press, especially if they hope to continue doing business with Google. Free advertising at the cost of the Google account? Not wise IMO. In any case, what’s the problem with the drone being used as a possibly less expensive alternative to the current method of gathering aerial imagery? Google is already doing 45-degree imagery, but Microsoft paved that path already. In large cities, I can already see backyards thanks to Bird’s-eye view.

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  4. @ Claudia – Sorry for the late reply. You’re right, anybody who has money can purchase a drone, but for a Google exec to purchase one in the middle of privacy issue is a bit “out of timing.”

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