Heading west for a bit

I’ll be traveling through Xinjiang these next few weeks — to Ürümqi, then by train to Kashgar, or at least what’s left of it before the old town is completely razed. From there, I hope to make it to Tushuk Tash, the world’s tallest natural arch — you can stick the Empire State building under it. With some luck, I’ll bring back 360-degree panoramas of all these places.

Considering that all of Xinjiang was completely without internet most of the past year (there were some troubles) I likely won’t be online all that often. Needless to say, if something happens to Google Earth in the meantime, you won’t read about it here. See you in a few weeks.

One thought on “Heading west for a bit”

  1. Dear Stefan,

    Yesterday, Mom, GF, Tobias and I spoiled ourselves with wonderful Xinjiang food (and beer!), hopefully you’ll do the same during your trip. Good luck with everything, and please, bringeth the panorahmas.

    – Paul

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