Australia crater discovered via Aboriginal dreaming story, Google Earth

Australia’s The Age reports on a crater discovery with a twist. Astronomer Duane Hamacher used Google Earth to hunt for a meteorite crater in Finke National Park after learning about Aboriginal traditional stories that referred to a possible meteor impact in the area. He promptly found a candidate, which has now been confirmed as an impact crater.

The Age doesn’t pinpoint the location of the crater. Luckily, this blog post by Universe Today has a Google Maps screen grab of the crater, and from this the location is easily surmised. Here it is in Google Maps — Click here to get a link to Google Earth:

View Palm Valley Crater in a larger map

One thought on “Australia crater discovered via Aboriginal dreaming story, Google Earth”

  1. If you look southand zoom out you can see a larger Indent in the entire mountain range that could be the impact crater…

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