Taliban 2.0



‘It’s easy and modern and I love it,’ [former Taliban ambassador to Pakistan Mullah Abdul Salaam] Zaeef said while he pinched and pulled his fingers across the device’s touch screen to show off photos. ‘I’m using the Internet with it. Sometimes I use it for the GPS to find locations.’

The Sun headline tomorrow: “Exclusive: Taliban using iPhones for targeting”, followed by an article decrying the legality of GPS devices.

[Update 13:08 UTC: Upon closer examination, the mullah is clearly holding a 1st-generation iPhone, which has no GPS! So AP made up the quote or Zaeef is lying. Not that this will stop The Sun:-)]

[Update Thursday: The original story has no mention of GPS. It definitely seems added after the fact to the photo caption. (See comments)]

3 thoughts on “Taliban 2.0”

  1. Funny how the Taliban made everyone rip out sat dishes and pretty much all forms of technology, but they were running around with sat phones and such. Way to keep a population repressed.

  2. The original article (http://tinyurl.com/ahscxv) does not include “I’m using the Internet with it. Sometimes I use it for the GPS to find locations.” It must be a ‘contribution’ by the Sun’s editor.

  3. Leave it to the news media to make up something sensational to sell news whenever an Arab type, or even just a Muslim person, speaks.

    His phone doesn’t even have GPS . clearly the reporter was lying. Makes me wonder, what was Ben Lauden really saying when they wouldn’t let him speak all during the post 911 period.


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