Much as I wish I could spend the next 12 days documenting all the creative ways that Google Earth 5 will be put to use by developers and innovative users, I’ll be on the Yemeni island of Socotra instead. It’s a last-minute thing — when I checked on Monday there was still a spot left on the weekly plane ride there from Sana’a, so I grabbed it. I’ve been staring at it far too long on Google Earth — it’s time to go take a closer look while I’m still in the region.

Mobile phones don’t work on Socotra, and there is a telephone landline from Yemen that doubles as an internet connection, so don’t expect anything to show up here until February 16. And certainly no Google Latitude updates:-)

In the meantime, the sites that are most often first with the kind of news you might find on Ogle Earth are:

Digital Urban

Google Earth Blog

Google Maps Mania

Le Technoblog du LAC


I’ll be back soon, with lots of georeferenced stuff to share…

4 thoughts on “Socotra-bound”

  1. I’m a humanitarian worker in Taez, Yemen.

    if you ever pass by you are most welcome, or if have any problem in socotra, just call on

    + 967 735 733 950.

    I know someone living in socotra and knows every inch there.


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