Google Earth 5 now available for download

Go get it. Play. Come back in a little bit for a report and links to other sites reporting on Google Earth 5.

[Update: Stop the Presses! Google Earth 5 comes with Google Mars, in addition to a wonderful 3D ocean. Click on the Planet icon along the top bar and choose Mars. (Yes, World Winders will note that this feature has existed in World Wind for a while.)

9 thoughts on “Google Earth 5 now available for download”

  1. On the one hand I’ll say great job with the latest Google Earth changes and new content.

    On the other hand regarding the default layers promoted, if your data isn’t piped through one of those blessed aggregators/providers then you are on your own for now.

    In regards to physical observation data, if the worldwide community agreed on a common xml schema for sharing the common placemark/timestamp associated elements of ‘measurement type’,’unit of measure’ and ‘measurement value’ then some of these data provider chokepoints could be bypassed.

  2. Be aware this REQUIRES auto-updaters be installed

    The new version REQUIRES you to accept the installation and operation of an “automated upgrade application” because “its safer than allowing the user to download and install updates. Bull….

    Actually, this “feature” alone will keep me from upgrading to Google Earth 5.

    I’ve been managing my computers and other site networks since the late 70’s / early 80’s and have YET to have a problem with upgrades. And yes, I’m usually running bleeding edge software I’ve installed (and can uninstall) myself.

    A pox on mandatory updaters that don’t allow me to control them!


  3. Ernie,

    The problem isn’t getting the disk image to install it, the problem is that the Google Earth installer is FORCING the installation of the Google Updater. You don’t have a choice.


  4. take a long look at Google. See them everywhere…. good sites.. bad sites… this company has so many third-party interests it’s gone so wrong. Read the fine print for a half an hour what is up with that. Do they lie you bet they do.. take a good look a good long look at Google.. something’s wrong something stinks.. if you don’t mind having everyone watch every move you make and think nothing of your rights for privacy then by all means take a good look at Google there for you

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