Links: Cairo by night, O3b, Google imagery update

I’m in Washington DC for the rest of the week for one of my day jobs, as project manager of the Second House of Sweden: The librarians at the Library of Congress are curious about Sweden’s experience using virtual worlds for public diplomacy, and Sweden is happy to share it, so I’ll be speaking at a forum on federal information policies here for the Federal Library and Information Center Committee. If the below is a bit unfocused, I’m blaming the jetlag.

  • Sense of place, Cairo edition: Friend and documentary filmmaker Oliver Wilkins made this stunning timelapse video of Cairo by night:

    Call to Cairo – D200 Timelapse from Oliver Wilkins on Vimeo.

    It really gives you a sense of the energy of this remarkable city. Moving here was a stroke of genius on my part:-)

  • 03b: O3b is a project to bring satellite broadband to the “other 3 billion” in the tropics… and you and me. Thanks to O3b Networks, HSBC, Liberty Global and Google, I can soon move to anywhere in Africa and be a full-fledged net worker from there… if the lag is acceptable. A bright connected future awaits not just the poor, but also extreme telecommuters.
  • Google Street View in ArcGIS Explorer! Here’s how.
  • Top 25 Blogs in GIS: My two cents is that for a niche topic like geoblogs, we’d lose a lot of variety if we all aimed to blog in a manner that maximized our rankings in such a list; I know I’d quickly get bored writing for my blog. I like to rant about obscure topics that I’m passionate about, technorati be damned.
  • Updated imagery removes photoshopping error: The latest announcement of updated imagery on Google Lat Long Blog also removes the photoshopping of Dutch imagery discovered a few weeks ago, with an explanation:

    It turned out to be an image-processing error that happened during our color-correction process, so we’ve removed it.

    Indeed, the spot in question now sports real trees. I think it’s interesting that the original post in Photoshop Disasters detailing the error got 120 comments; it should keep the image processing people at Google on their toes:-)

    The complete list of updates via Google Lat Long Blog is below the fold.

Updated Imagery:


  • USA: Chicago, Houston, Tampa, Nassau County (NY), Westchester County (NY), Rockland County (NY), Putnam County (NY), Rensselaer County, Albany County (NY), Schenectady County (NY), SaratogaCounty (NY), Tompkins County (NY), Schuyler County (NY), Seneca County (NY), Yates County (NY), Steuben County (NY), Allegany County (NY), Cattaraugus County (NY), West Virginia, part of Rhode Island, part of Massachusetts, and part of New Hampshire.
  • Canada: Middlesex County (ON)

Europe, Middle East, & Africa:

  • Spain: Cartagena, Costa Blanca
  • France: Paris, Orleans, Cannes, Nice, Saint Tropez
  • Italy: Torino, Bologna, Ancona, Lucca, Latina, Isle of Capri, Stintino, Villasimius, Palermo, Agrigento
  • Switzerland: Zurich, Oberhasli, Thun, Emmental-Oberaargau, Basel, St. Gallen
  • Monaco: entire country
  • Czech Republic: Prague, Ostrava
  • Slovakia: entire country

Asia & Oceania:

  • Japan: Kobe, Kyoto, Kawasaki, Saitama, Chiba
  • Australia: Canberra, Wollongong, The Great Ocean Road

New high resolution satellite imagery:

  • sprinkled around the globe, with heavier concentrations in Canada, Mexico, and China.

New 2.5m base imagery:

  • Greece, Turkey, and Australia

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  1. Stephan, I would like to point-out that the ‘anomaly’ discovered would not have happened in a ‘color correction process’, but rather it was manually edited in some way to have created the repeat pattern. I think Google would have been smarter to have acknowledged that Photoshop may or may not have been used to attempt to correct a seam line, or other mosaic or sensor anomaly, instead of trying to explain it in false terms.

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