Links: Flight path KML, Avi to Microsoft, future location

  • Flight path KML: Brian Mayer found Google Earth’s flight simulator’s learning curve steep, “so I decided to create a set of runway outlines and flight paths to serve as guides for getting from Point A to Point B.” The result is a KML package of 239 runways in 94 cities with 24 flight paths between them. I took it for a spin, and sure enough, I managed to land without crashing for the first time ever.
  • Avi Bar-Zeev to Microsoft: Keyhole co-founder Avi Bar-Zeev writes on his blog that he has just joined Microsoft. Avi left Keyhole in 2001 — Keyhole was acquired by Google in 2004 and its Earth product became Google Earth in 2005. What will he be working on?

    As to what I’ll be working on, keep in mind, my new supervisor actually found me and recruited me via this blog. That might help you make some guesses as to what we’re interested in.

    And on his blog, he’s been writing perceptive posts about the 3D internet lately:-)

  • Thinking about future location: I ended up watching Peter Batty’s entire presentation at GeoWeb on “Future Location and Social Networking“. I hadn’t planned to, but I was surprised to find a lot more deep thinking than I imagined was possible about this market segment. Peter’s put a lot of his thoughts into action with whereyougonnabe, a FaceBook application that competes with Dopplr. At the end of the video, there are some cool Google Earth visualizations.
  • Improvements in Google Maps ads: Valery Hronusov forwarded this, in case not all Google Maps developers had seen it. The Google Maps API now has much improved handling of Google ads, so you might want to go revisit your code.
  • EarthBrowser presentation: Matt Giger of EarthBrowser presents a Google Tech talk about his virtual globe, in which he also makes the case for a better representation of time in KML. In a separate post, he looks forward to Flash 10, as it would give him the ability to add 3D terrain to EarthBrowser.

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  1. Thanks for the kind comments about my presentation Stefan. While I encourage people to watch the presentation if they have time :), I thought I’d mention that the cool Google Earth visualizations you mention can also be seen separately in this two minute video.

  2. This is great, maybe you can help me, I am trying to make something that I can use to track my wife when she is on a buisness trip, So I can show my Son where in the world MOmmy is… Right now I just put a thumb tack but being able to show him from airport to airport would be really cool

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