UI roundup: Multitouch and 3D

Three innovative ways to navigate virtual globes:

  • Cheap 3D LCD monitor: That was quicker than I thought: The Hyundai W220S, a sub-$1000 LCD screen that goes 3D of you wear polarized glassed. Engadget reports that it comes bundled with “Google Earth 3D”. I can actually afford one of these! (Though it doesn’t fit in my backpack.) I wonder if such screens will make better gamers of people — that will be the true test of their usefulness.
  • Multitouch 3D Wall: Take the Java version of NASA World Wind, add a 2m x 2.5m multi-touch wall and anaglyph mode, and voila, a soon-to be open-source multitouch 3D virtual globe, courtesy of the Institute for Geoinformatics Münster.

    Is this the first case of 3D and multitouch simultaneously? (Via LBird)
  • NeuScreen: Yet another experiment involving the Nokia N95 — in this case it is made to read two penlights to add multitouch interaction to the screen, including for 3D objects. (Impressive, but isn’t it easier to just buy an iPhone? It reminds me of the sword fighter that Indiana Jones shoots with a gun:-)

3 thoughts on “UI roundup: Multitouch and 3D”

  1. Very interesting!

    Now if only someone would make or publish a design for a lens set similar to a stereo-opticon to prevent excessive eyestrain.

    Zoomed in on the home sight. Going to have to see if it also comes up in streetview.

  2. I wish they would have given the option of letting your eyes diverge instead of converge (cross eyed). For me it is less of a strain. Of course, you would have to resize the window such that the centers of the two instances are no wider than your eyes.

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