Links: KML validator, GE API Google Group, Géoportail 3D goes Mac

A real potpourri of content here — some of it old, and listed here more for my own reference, but that is the inevitable consequence of a gorgeous summer week in Sweden and a full work agenda.

5 thoughts on “Links: KML validator, GE API Google Group, Géoportail 3D goes Mac”

  1. Flickr kml feed:

    If i understand it wel, then I can show my own flickr photo’s on a page with google earth?

    Should i use the source code of the webpage?

  2. So with the recent development of the new GE plugin API along with Apple’s announcement of GPS and 3G in the new iPhone, can we expect a Safari-based Google Earth experience in the near future?

  3. Kaj – feel free to play around with the source code. Google have a load of code examples on there site that I based my test page on at:

    Mark – according to Google it looks like August ’08 for Mac support

  4. I guess what I’m wondering is, what is the possibility that we’ll see the GE plugin API working with Safari, on an iPhone?

  5. Well the GE plug-in on XP after installation sit at 27.34MB under Add or Remove Programs.

    I guess the real issue is when it comes to viewing content, not a problem over Wi-Fi but could eat up on tariff allowance very quickly, regarding any term and conditions with your cell network provider.

    I shore that Google will make the plug-in available for the iPhone after seeing the Earth app by earthscape –

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