Seero embeds video, streams live from Where 2.0

Seero, the service that lets you stream your own live georeferenced video to the web, has just made itself embeddable. To illustrate how this works, Seero is attending Where 2.0 this week as a member of the press, where it will be reporting live on the proceedings. You can watch Where 2.0 live, embedded, right here on Ogle Earth:

Until the live broadcasts start at Where 2.0, you’ll be watching a pre-recorded on-demand playlist. Even if it turns out that GPS tracking doesn’t work so well indoors, it is wonderful to be able to stream Where 2.0 live to the web. (You can make your own embedded stream like the one above here.)

One thought on “Seero embeds video, streams live from Where 2.0”

  1. Embedding is a great way to get videos to go viral, makes regular bloggers like me more apt to show their videos.

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