Links: Wii Earth, Windows 7 multitouch Earth, Kruger Park KML

  • Wii not? Use the Wii Balance board to surf Google Earth (Via Hacked Gadgets)
  • Géoportail 3D coming to Mac: It’ll happen this coming June 2, says France’s MacGeneration, and it’s because the underlying technology provider, Skyline, is coming out with a Mac version of the 3D web browser plugin. So if Skyline as the technological ability to embed a 3D virtual Earth into a browser regardless of whether it’s Mac or PC, what’s Microsoft waiting on?
  • Windows 7 multitouch UI: Half-way through this preview video of Microsoft’s next operating system, watch Virtual Earth being manipulated via a multitouch interface. It’s a safe bet, then, that Apple will have multitouch tables on the market within 18 months, sort of like overgrown iPhones. Can’t wait to manipulate Google Earth (and Microsoft Virtual Earth?) with multiple fingers.
  • Social KML: Brightkite is a new entry in the increasingly crowded location-based social network niche, but they’ve just increased their chances by adding KML support. May the most innovative win (or whoever gets their KML into Google Earth as a default layer first:-)
  • Hills now even more alive: Christian Spanring confirms Austria’s just got upgraded in Google Maps to 25cm resolution imagery by Geoimage-Austria, with Google Earth to follow soon.
  • Kruger National Park KML: Kruger National Park gets its own KML layer, highlighting not just the touristy bit but some wonderful deep geospatial content as well, such as the results of aerial animal censuses (White Rhino below), rainfall, biomes, historical sizes of the park, and access routes. A really nice layer, produced by ecoAfrica, an ecotourism company specializing in Africa.


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  1. Hi I have had a look at the kruger national park kml layer and it is great however I am interested in all national parks and protected areas in Africa, more specifically the boundariesM of these parks. Do you guys have anything like that??

    Your help will be greatly appreciated

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