Links: Cartographica interviews Avi Bar-Zeev; new Google Geo Developers Blog

  • Cartographica interviews Avi Bar-Zeev: Georgia State University’s Jeremy Crampton writes:

    Just to let you know that an interview with Avi Bar-Zeev has been published in Cartographica. As you know, Avi was co-founder of Keyhole before it became Google Earth and has worked for Linden Labs and many other graphics visualizing companies. He runs the Reality Prime blog.

    The journal has kindly made the interview available for free (normally it’s subscriber only) and we are keen to let people know about this in the geospatial blogosphere. Here are the links to the issue and the interview (pdf).

    It looks like a long and involved interview, so I will save it for the weekend.

  • Google Geo Developers Blog: Google Maps API Blog is dead. Long live Google Geo Developers Blog. (Via Google Maps Mania)
  • Avi checks out the Google Earth plugin: Speaking of Avi — In a post on his blog, he sees some interesting possibilities for games.
  • IMINT & Analysis gets KML files: Excellent news from an excellent site.
  • WaterExplorer: General Electric now has a major corporate communications project up on their site: WaterExplorer, a series of KML layers highlighting the coming global water supply shortages and the GE technologies that can help mitigate them. It’s a very slick site, and so is the KML.
  • Map spam: Search Engine Land interviews Carter Maslan, Google’s Director of Product Management for Local, about the growing occurrence of “map spam” in Google search results.