GPS Info CMM: Coordinates as context for Mac images

Norbert M. Doerner, who is behind disk cataloguing tool CDFinder (reviewed here), has now come out with a free contextual menu module for Mac that lets you easily view the location on Google Earth and other mapping services of any photo containing coordinates in its EXIF metadata: GPS Info CMM.

Install it, and the rest really is self-evident. Just right click on a photo, and you’ll see this:

What is really cool is that the links to Flickr and Panoramio put you one click away from viewing tons of photos near the location of your own picture. It’s a small download, it’s free, and does one thing exceedingly well.

(Currently, the link to Google Maps results in a German map. I’m sure that will change, or else you can do it yourself by going to “user/Library/Contextual Menu Items/GPS-Info CMM.plugin”, right-clicking to show the package contents, navigating to “Contents/Resources/GPS.strings” and editing that file to replace “” with “”. (You can even add your own coordinate-driven maps.) Log out and in to see the changes.)